Raven Win the superbowl !

This is only a congrats to those Ravens for winning the super Bowl this year. Nice to see Ray Lewis retire with such a prestigious win.


Face your Women.

Just got a text from a friend. He says “hey if my girl is looking for me tell her I’m with you.”.This is one of the most stupid things you can do to a friend. Why can some guys not face their lady. Yeah, telling her you need to leave and cool down  a bit isn’t going to make her happy. but so what? You backing off for a bit isnt about making her happy. your doing that for you, And if your cheating dont make me apart of that you need to lie by yourself. No need for the whole ship to go down cause one idiot doesnt want to dodge that iceberg.  Be a man and handle your own. Some guys will say “hey man you need to learn to help your friend out . your not being a good friend”. I’ll surely be your wingman. anytime to help you need it. but I shouldnt need to be dishonest to help your case.. Besides never leave witnesses when you cheat. lol j/k  So be a man never ask another man to be more of  a man than you are to face your woman. Besides that man you sent probably can and has the right to take your women. MAN UP!


I hate that saying. :”I don’t know why you are watching wrestling its so fake!”  I hate that. Because I understand that a great percent of it is all fake.  But its ok. They never said it was real. In the beginning of wrestling they created the fictional stories of the character so that the watcher would have an appeal to it. Of course using that appeal it became necessary to have company secrets to the trade. If you want your audience to be believe you have a real dead man wrestling for your organization, you better do your best to make him damn mysterious. The more mysterious and strange the easier it is to sell tickets. NO one goes to the circus or fair and see that they claim to have a bearded woman and complain that is fake. No, you just go and offer the lady a razor,  shaving cream And wonder what her beard feels like( at least I do unless). lol j/k But seriously  I feel that wrestling is my real life comic book.  Its my male Soap Opera.  You ladies have your young and the restless and General Hospital and we have our WWE and ol’ECW.  Its the same thing with more action. Most of the things we watch are fake anyways why is wrestling the worst?  Maybe its the money? I think Wrestling organizations are a billion dollar industry.  and because it makes so much that is why people claim to hate it. I do feel most of the stuff I see is fake but I applaud those guys for being athletically able to keep up. Not just any guy can do that stuff day in and day out. tiring stuff with all the stamina and strength it takes.  So knowing that alone Im able to watch it knowing how fake things can look and feel.  I get laughed at by my friends for watching. I don’t care. Its peak my interest for the 2hrs its on tv. Their is alot more on tv ppl should be getting mad with. Like I personally feel after they made one housewife show the other bitches  across the country weren’t going to be anymore entertaining.  Or why we allowed so many Flavor of love shows again and again like Flavor Flav was really going to find love. I don’t remember when but didnt a girl crap on the floor during the first episode? LOL That should of told you what you were watching then.  Or why we gave that Nancy Grace a spot to just scream out how much she hates bad people and  wish they would all die and be behind bars (do we need her to us how we feel?).  What im getting at is don’t be mad at wrestling  for being fake ,when you watch even more ridiculous things everyday.

Work and a Career is a man’s job only???

Ok  so i’m going to state  how I really feel about this. Now as Society puts this the man is to work and have the career. That provides for the woman and family. Its not supposed to be the other way around. I do see alot of guys working hard and providing in this order.  Nothing is totally wrong with that statement. But I do have a few things I want to change about it or at least tell you my rule.  My rule goes like this;” The Man is to work and have a career that brings the possibilities and great chance that  his woman doesn’t have to work.  But if she wishes to work allow her to do so.” I don’t get why guys have to tell and make their lady not work. Whats wrong with that? I personally don’t care and think its a good idea that she does. What if we start a family and I die? She wasn’t working because I paid for everything. and its been years since she worked?  How will that family survive now? Life insurance will only pay so much. Also the more revenue we bring in together would make it a easier life for both of us. We all seen more breakups and divorces over not having money. I’m Not saying your relationship is not stronger than money, but letting you know not having the money could hurt and if not be a issue. I know a guy whom married this women and tell her not to work anymore. She wanted to work but quit her job just to make the guy happy. The funny thing is he makes about 800k a year. she was making about 600k a /yr. thats over a million dollars that could of been a annual household income. I dont care if she work guys I only care about what makes my family better.  Get your priorities straight and say fuck your pride sometimes. You will live a better life.