Trust and intentions

So they say the biggest amount of affection towards someone is trust.   I used to think I was easy to trust because I had the great ability to look at someone for a couple of seconds and tell their full intentions. Honestly I still have that blessed ability. But lately things are harder to tell. I always put myself in someones elses shoes and figured out what they were here for. I know whats wrong.  Ill get my stuff back in time.  But anyone can do this if you can put out your mind your own faults. If you can decipher intention you can learn how much trust you can give someone.  


The Next Man

Have you ever believed that you care for someone? You ever tell yourself you would do anything for that person? Would you really? I think lot of times you have people in situations with others in which they see a person that they claim to care for doing something harmful to them. We don’t say anything. Why?  I thought you cared? We would rather not upset the person you care about than help them. Crazy right? If that person gets upset because you give a damn then “So what”. The worst thing that could happen is you sit there knowing you should have made an attempt and did nothing. Help the one you care about. People can easily say these things to the Next man but can find it so difficult to say these things to the one you care about. Its amazing how people can care so highly of the Next man and so less of the one they care most for. Im not saying to stop caring for people you don’t know. But what I am saying is to learn to care more for the ones you claim you do care for. Get off your butt and make the attempt. If it doesn’t work out then you tried. Don’t make a big deal about it. At The end of the day its up to that person to change their ways. If they don’t then “Oh Well!!”

How Big DO YOU DO!!!!





So I came to the realization that I don’t like doing anything unless I do it big. I seldom want the  small or its “ok” for now type stuff. I want the best. So I either don’t do something because its not big enough or great enough. When I decide to do it I give my all to it. I want the very best of whatever I do. I have alot of projects I give myself But I only complete the big ones that push me. That is a problem sounds great on paper but I have alot of other projects to do. and they are building up. So the question is how do then. 

Leave it in the past or pay attention to the past. How do you live your life?

So by the way we are all hypocrites. I have noticed that we say things like. leave it in the past. But then next week can wear a t shirt that says “We will always remember.”.  What happened to “Leave it all in the past.”?  So do we actually need to focus on the past or the future? They say if you don’t think about the past you can concentrate on your future goal and plans. But then they tell you to pay attention and know your history so that history will not repeat itself. Someone reading this may say “well it depends on the situation.”  Well lets think about the situation. The situation comes in many shapes, forms, and ideas.  The situation in having so many different ways of coming to light, makes it impossible to live by one past or future. Situations are to unpredictable to live a life following one path only. You will have to live both. You cant just say leave it in the past and you cant just say always remember. So for you people who claim for your new years resolution that you will be concentrating only on the future and leaving your past behind I’m telling you now; you have already failed your resolution.


Sad thing influence is now a days. If Influence was a Greek god It would be the strongest,worst and most evil god ever. Influence Has brought great and powerful structures to the world. Some of it has been good others terrible. Influence maybe the strongest action in the word. Everything we do is based from influence. People whom say money are thinking in a much smaller phase of things. Influence has started more wars than any money or monetary value could have ever caused. Your influenced by your parents at a young age. your influenced by the world and its resources everyday. What would the world be like if humans can no longer be influenced? If the world stopped all influential moment and things. The entire world would be knocked off balance. We have been so long structured from influence. There is good influence. Doctors are influenced by the death of millions of people in the world to cancers and other diseases. The doctors use that influence to find cures. Then there are bad influences. To watch a man influence another man to do harm or cause harm unto one another. The thing is that we can not control influence.  This is why we can never have world peace and never will. Any whom tries to control influence will fail. It is in our nature to fail at controlling influence. That is why instead of controlling influences we try to use it to sway the minds. But we will never get anyone to ever fully controlled. Because like Einstein said  “for every action in an equal and opposite action”, Your attempt to properly use influence will stir a  negative effect of influence somewhere else. You can’t have good without bad. I believe that this quality for a human is forever impossible for a human to reach. I believe Influence the power of god itself.  For only god can possibly properly control influence. Man will always fail at this.