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Switching your lifestyle

Switching your lifestyle

So I been thinking about eating more healthy and losing weight. I have been trying a lot of things but I seem to go back to my original way of doing things. I have been trying to figure out why. I may have figured it out. The problem is we “try”, “demo” goals we want to accomplish to see if it can fit our lifestyle. What we have to come to term with is if there is something we want to change that is a complete major disapproval to our own lifestyles, then the lifestyle we choose for ourselves was complete crap. We Screwed up in the beginning and now we need to make it right. The only way we can ever change what ourselves is to completely do away with our entire lifestyle. Create a new better lifestyle. Now for an example I want to lose weight and eat healthy. well I decided that the way for me to eat healthy would be for me to be a vegetarian. Now I tried this before to see if it would fit my lifestyle. couple of days later i’m back to eating meat. I realized that I was testing it out. That was my mistake. If you want to be a vegetarian be one. Call yourself one. If you want to do that you need to Identify yourself as a vegetarian. Be one don’t just say your going to attempt and work it in. Because if it wasn’t there to start with it shouldn’t be there now. So get rid of your old way of doing things and embrace and change into the new way. The funny thing is that I tell you this but I still need to figure out when I’m going to say that I am a vegetarian. Yeah its hard to change our ways but if WE are going to do it, then WE need to do it.