I hate that saying. :”I don’t know why you are watching wrestling its so fake!”  I hate that. Because I understand that a great percent of it is all fake.  But its ok. They never said it was real. In the beginning of wrestling they created the fictional stories of the character so that the watcher would have an appeal to it. Of course using that appeal it became necessary to have company secrets to the trade. If you want your audience to be believe you have a real dead man wrestling for your organization, you better do your best to make him damn mysterious. The more mysterious and strange the easier it is to sell tickets. NO one goes to the circus or fair and see that they claim to have a bearded woman and complain that is fake. No, you just go and offer the lady a razor,  shaving cream And wonder what her beard feels like( at least I do unless). lol j/k But seriously  I feel that wrestling is my real life comic book.  Its my male Soap Opera.  You ladies have your young and the restless and General Hospital and we have our WWE and ol’ECW.  Its the same thing with more action. Most of the things we watch are fake anyways why is wrestling the worst?  Maybe its the money? I think Wrestling organizations are a billion dollar industry.  and because it makes so much that is why people claim to hate it. I do feel most of the stuff I see is fake but I applaud those guys for being athletically able to keep up. Not just any guy can do that stuff day in and day out. tiring stuff with all the stamina and strength it takes.  So knowing that alone Im able to watch it knowing how fake things can look and feel.  I get laughed at by my friends for watching. I don’t care. Its peak my interest for the 2hrs its on tv. Their is alot more on tv ppl should be getting mad with. Like I personally feel after they made one housewife show the other bitches  across the country weren’t going to be anymore entertaining.  Or why we allowed so many Flavor of love shows again and again like Flavor Flav was really going to find love. I don’t remember when but didnt a girl crap on the floor during the first episode? LOL That should of told you what you were watching then.  Or why we gave that Nancy Grace a spot to just scream out how much she hates bad people and  wish they would all die and be behind bars (do we need her to us how we feel?).  What im getting at is don’t be mad at wrestling  for being fake ,when you watch even more ridiculous things everyday.


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