Update on the lady with 15 kids

Hey she is back got arrested cause she stupid.


Sandy Hook Hoax video is the government Hoax!!!

I hate the government conspiracy stuff sometimes.  Conspiratorial theorist have gone way to far with the Sandy hook stuff.  So I guess the kids whom survived are all lying too?  Or maybe the government made the video to make some people who believed the C-theorist all the time in everything they say believe it. so they can go out in the world believing it and be a complete idiot.  find it did happen and stop believing C-Theorist.  What if the government hoax is the video? You see what I just did there? thats exactly what these dumbass do all the time. Its called “making you think.” But usually they leave out the rest of the quote. “making you think what we want you to think.”   This is really sad because 20 children and 6 teachers lost their lives. And instead of looking at the reason it occurred and trying to prevent ways of it of happening again to our family and children we are sitting back pretending it never happened so that we can feel safer and create an understanding for the situation. But we will never gain the understanding. We can only pickup what we have and position ourselves for a safer future for our children. I give everyone that lost  condolences. Its ridiculousness to say this never happened. In fact it did. and some children will not be able to come home to their parents. I feel its really naive and disrespectful to claim something like this. They said the towers never came down either remember? Hoax my ass.  I hate the theorist. what ever happened to the fact checker.