JIll scott and Chris Botti

I am a adamant Jazz fan and this is a awesome collab. Chris Botti Kills it. and She is doing that some song so much Justice.


Jill scott collab with Common

Ok if you know me then you know I always have this song on me somewhere. its a must. This song has to be in my Ipod, phone, computer, bathroom etc. lol This song is one of those songs that really allow you to coast through our day. One of those song that you listen to and it just fits the day no matter whats going on. My favorite line from this has to ” I pimp from the heart, the art of it made it interesting” another great Collab with Jill Scott

Jill scott Collabs

I plan on posting some of my favorite Jill Scott Collabs. This particular video is one of my favorites. Her Collaboration with Anthony Hamilton “So in love”. I love this video. That wedding was a awesome party. Loved the people on roller skates dancing. The Song is nice I enjoyed the duet they both put together. Anthony Hamilton one of my favorite artist.