Spending Time

Spending Time

So I admit the one thing that makes me envious abour people is time spent. I look at a lot of people an wonder why can’t I have the time to spend it with the people I care about or the friends I want to hang with. When I have the time no one can spare it. And when they have the time I can’t. Sickens me. Im working and never see the the time like everyone else. I usually have a few sporadic moments when I an have fun. I never get mad at the people who can’t spend time with me because they are busy. Cant get mad at someone for having a life . I mean we do all get busy right? But I do get mad at the situation. A situation that I work to fix. That is the only gift I is time. I ask for time. you don’t have to get me anything just allow me time. But spending time is mportant to me. I grew up watching those movies where the Dad is always working. And always felt bad for the kid. Like “Why can’t you spend time with your kid? you can’t just stop working for once to show your kid that you care?” But I think I turned into that Dad. I’m not a father but try to get my metaphor here. I want to stop working and and be there more for my friends. I don’t have complaints but I feel like I am. That is enough.


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