The Moment is now for me.

Simply put If I succeed this week. I will be able to begin a happy and stressless life. If not I will fight for everything. Im ready for the fight if need be. But I will be doing my best to succeed. My goals now are more than myself. There is alot of pp; I have to suceed for. so losing isnt the option. There is a way I want to spend my life. and never before has it been so clear. 



Listen People I finally understand why its a fools move to not be in School. Looking through some documents on how to start another business venture today. Reading through it showed me something. People with money don’t want you making money so they make things harder to achieve your goals. Its appalling that there is actual state laws that prevent the education and the knowledge needed to achieve your goals. They Purposely hide the information. Information that should be public is hidden. and when its not hidden the will tell you in the most confusing way to try and deter you from knowing. They will tell you to call (A) and (A) will have you Call (B). and (B) will have you call (A).   Listen they don’t want you to succeed. Its not a race thing. Its a money thing. Its a “there are laws preventing the access of knowledge needed to gain access into a certain type of business.” The way they see it is if we can create laws stopping people from learning the system then we will never have to deal with competition. If we never deal with competition then we will make all the money in this market. You can only prevent this if you get the education. Learn what you need don’t let others dictate your goals. Go to school people. LEARN LEARN LEARN- PAY ATTENTION -THINK- TRY AND NEVER EVER GIVE UP.  ITS A STRUGGLE BECAUSE WE ALLOWED IT. 

The Next Man

Have you ever believed that you care for someone? You ever tell yourself you would do anything for that person? Would you really? I think lot of times you have people in situations with others in which they see a person that they claim to care for doing something harmful to them. We don’t say anything. Why?  I thought you cared? We would rather not upset the person you care about than help them. Crazy right? If that person gets upset because you give a damn then “So what”. The worst thing that could happen is you sit there knowing you should have made an attempt and did nothing. Help the one you care about. People can easily say these things to the Next man but can find it so difficult to say these things to the one you care about. Its amazing how people can care so highly of the Next man and so less of the one they care most for. Im not saying to stop caring for people you don’t know. But what I am saying is to learn to care more for the ones you claim you do care for. Get off your butt and make the attempt. If it doesn’t work out then you tried. Don’t make a big deal about it. At The end of the day its up to that person to change their ways. If they don’t then “Oh Well!!”

If I lost everything right now

If I lost everything right now it would be my fault. No one could or is responsible for my downfalls. No matter if they were the one that issued the offense against me. For I allowed it. By being there by trusting my own situation and by giving into power that i had no control over. These are my faults Everything that occurs, occurs because I let it. I always get upset about things at first. but I learned I can’t stay mad. I have to accept it. 

To fail, to succeed, dreams, your thoughts.

Maybe I had  missed it coming really real quick, damn the last thing heard you only living for this minute. trials and tribulation aint got shit on what im dealing. how the hell you expect to succeed when you is giving what you giving, times only a blessing but to know this you got to spend it. maybe I missed it. yea maybe I missed.  They say keep on trying but I think they lying I done seen alot of people fall into it. I aint seen no improvements  when I was doing it. maybe it dont work for me maybe the not my destiny, to be fully in the moment happy and feeling free. damn its harder than it seems I guess it must be like that to be a dream. It must be like that to succeed. 

The worst thing you can do to someone

The worst possible thing you can ever do to someone is to simply waste there time. If your doing something foul towards someone the worst thing to do is to waste that persons time. If your intentions are not the same don’t waste my time. If you have something  important  to say and you don’t have the heart to say grow a pair really fast. You waste time I could use to spend with someone productive.  I think this is the worst possible thing to do. we have a short life and to spend it with someone who is wasting your time really takes away from life. Its kinda like a job Interview that goes no where. You show up on time, dressed to the T, paid all that gas money to get there and the guy giving the interview takes one look at you and just dismisses the interview. so even if you have all your credentials and recommendations for the position it doesn’t matter. So now you have wasted all this time and money on nothing. total waste of time. I think with this topic you can create a connection with love. Its not that you loved the person you broke up with its the fact that you spent so much time and effort on the relationship to work and it turns out to be a waste of time. Wasting time seems to be the biggest problem in the world. some one spends time learning new beliefs and ideas then another person tells them that what they have spent there time learning isn’t real or true. when ever we spend time on something it becomes apart of us and to have someone either confirm or challenge that time spent usually starts a altercation.  So listen lets not waste each others time.  Wars start this way. 

Hello Ladies time to wake up.

Hello Ladies time to wake up.

Just thinking about the mornings when you wake up. I wonder what makes a Woman wake up and feel se is completely ugly untill she finds make up. I think its the media. Like i’m talking to a friend she tells me she cut her hair really short since last time I seen her. I say send me a pic. she quickly says no because she is just waking up or going to sleep. I say its only a head shot. but she claims she looks to rough or too out there to take a pic. she is afraid she will look bad. Which was not true at all. she looks just fine in the morning. And some of you women who are in a relationship sometimes run off when your man is waking up. You run straight to the bathroom and come back with make up on and everything else that we clearly remember wiping off before you went to bed. lol Look if you man can’t stand the sight of you waking up find one that can. Most guys don’t care. in fact I don’t know a man who does care. Its nice though to have a lady that wants to present herself in the best light to her guy. At the same time, You don’t always need to be so high maintenance when waking up. we understand. Now I say this but it doesn’t mean you can just get carried away and not wash up and stuff in the morning. lol TAKE A BATH LADIES!! lol its okay in the morning if people see your face. I’m pretty sure you don’t look anywhere as bad as you think.