Trust and intentions

So they say the biggest amount of affection towards someone is trust.   I used to think I was easy to trust because I had the great ability to look at someone for a couple of seconds and tell their full intentions. Honestly I still have that blessed ability. But lately things are harder to tell. I always put myself in someones elses shoes and figured out what they were here for. I know whats wrong.  Ill get my stuff back in time.  But anyone can do this if you can put out your mind your own faults. If you can decipher intention you can learn how much trust you can give someone.  


The Next Man

Have you ever believed that you care for someone? You ever tell yourself you would do anything for that person? Would you really? I think lot of times you have people in situations with others in which they see a person that they claim to care for doing something harmful to them. We don’t say anything. Why?  I thought you cared? We would rather not upset the person you care about than help them. Crazy right? If that person gets upset because you give a damn then “So what”. The worst thing that could happen is you sit there knowing you should have made an attempt and did nothing. Help the one you care about. People can easily say these things to the Next man but can find it so difficult to say these things to the one you care about. Its amazing how people can care so highly of the Next man and so less of the one they care most for. Im not saying to stop caring for people you don’t know. But what I am saying is to learn to care more for the ones you claim you do care for. Get off your butt and make the attempt. If it doesn’t work out then you tried. Don’t make a big deal about it. At The end of the day its up to that person to change their ways. If they don’t then “Oh Well!!”

Hello Ladies time to wake up.

Hello Ladies time to wake up.

Just thinking about the mornings when you wake up. I wonder what makes a Woman wake up and feel se is completely ugly untill she finds make up. I think its the media. Like i’m talking to a friend she tells me she cut her hair really short since last time I seen her. I say send me a pic. she quickly says no because she is just waking up or going to sleep. I say its only a head shot. but she claims she looks to rough or too out there to take a pic. she is afraid she will look bad. Which was not true at all. she looks just fine in the morning. And some of you women who are in a relationship sometimes run off when your man is waking up. You run straight to the bathroom and come back with make up on and everything else that we clearly remember wiping off before you went to bed. lol Look if you man can’t stand the sight of you waking up find one that can. Most guys don’t care. in fact I don’t know a man who does care. Its nice though to have a lady that wants to present herself in the best light to her guy. At the same time, You don’t always need to be so high maintenance when waking up. we understand. Now I say this but it doesn’t mean you can just get carried away and not wash up and stuff in the morning. lol TAKE A BATH LADIES!! lol its okay in the morning if people see your face. I’m pretty sure you don’t look anywhere as bad as you think.

A quick Insert

I like to thank my lady for her involvement in everything that occurred while I was in town. It was nice and meant a bunch. I needed to have that experience to know about us. I have nothing to worry about.

Face your Women.

Just got a text from a friend. He says “hey if my girl is looking for me tell her I’m with you.”.This is one of the most stupid things you can do to a friend. Why can some guys not face their lady. Yeah, telling her you need to leave and cool down  a bit isn’t going to make her happy. but so what? You backing off for a bit isnt about making her happy. your doing that for you, And if your cheating dont make me apart of that you need to lie by yourself. No need for the whole ship to go down cause one idiot doesnt want to dodge that iceberg.  Be a man and handle your own. Some guys will say “hey man you need to learn to help your friend out . your not being a good friend”. I’ll surely be your wingman. anytime to help you need it. but I shouldnt need to be dishonest to help your case.. Besides never leave witnesses when you cheat. lol j/k  So be a man never ask another man to be more of  a man than you are to face your woman. Besides that man you sent probably can and has the right to take your women. MAN UP!

Work and a Career is a man’s job only???

Ok  so i’m going to state  how I really feel about this. Now as Society puts this the man is to work and have the career. That provides for the woman and family. Its not supposed to be the other way around. I do see alot of guys working hard and providing in this order.  Nothing is totally wrong with that statement. But I do have a few things I want to change about it or at least tell you my rule.  My rule goes like this;” The Man is to work and have a career that brings the possibilities and great chance that  his woman doesn’t have to work.  But if she wishes to work allow her to do so.” I don’t get why guys have to tell and make their lady not work. Whats wrong with that? I personally don’t care and think its a good idea that she does. What if we start a family and I die? She wasn’t working because I paid for everything. and its been years since she worked?  How will that family survive now? Life insurance will only pay so much. Also the more revenue we bring in together would make it a easier life for both of us. We all seen more breakups and divorces over not having money. I’m Not saying your relationship is not stronger than money, but letting you know not having the money could hurt and if not be a issue. I know a guy whom married this women and tell her not to work anymore. She wanted to work but quit her job just to make the guy happy. The funny thing is he makes about 800k a year. she was making about 600k a /yr. thats over a million dollars that could of been a annual household income. I dont care if she work guys I only care about what makes my family better.  Get your priorities straight and say fuck your pride sometimes. You will live a better life.

An engagement ring??


Well IM not sure If I should be worried or not. But Lately I have been noticing my Lady has been posting on her facebook alot of pictures of engagement rings. Now I honestly dont know why she has been posting so many. We been together for a year. and I asked her about it she would say my sister.has been looking at engagement rings and she needs ideas. Now I believe her and trust that is what she is doing. But sometimes I guess I wonder. Not saying I have a problem with getting engaged. But I wonder if its the right time for it and if im prepared. I do think I just worry sometimes. I catch myself worrying about the dumbest thing and tell myself to stop.  When I worry about something concerning her I talk to her about it and feel secure about the conversation I had. But my question to some of you In a couple or single, If you were in my situation would you worry?