Trust and intentions

So they say the biggest amount of affection towards someone is trust.   I used to think I was easy to trust because I had the great ability to look at someone for a couple of seconds and tell their full intentions. Honestly I still have that blessed ability. But lately things are harder to tell. I always put myself in someones elses shoes and figured out what they were here for. I know whats wrong.  Ill get my stuff back in time.  But anyone can do this if you can put out your mind your own faults. If you can decipher intention you can learn how much trust you can give someone.  


If I ever knew I was following gods plan it would be this moment

Thats a almost crazy thing to say and mean every bit of it. ” I understand gods plan for me.” its weird actually. I always tell people and mean it when I say “I dont have fears. I cant die yet I have things to do.” I feel as if he came down and told me himself. Almost like a promise. So I dont worry or have natural fears. The only thing i worry about is failing. And I have done that so many times in life already that Failing has become just another easy obstavle to overcome. Why do I have such confidence in this? It would the hundreds of times I could of kicked the bucket.  Living life a bit dangerous sometimes.  And as of recently the lady im involved with now. She makes me realize that we both have alot more life to live together. I still try to tell her to lookout more. She is a tough one but im still not cool with her outta my sight sometime. Lolj/k im not that bad. I just want her safe. But I dont I dont stress out either about it. Cause that feeling I have juat wouldnt make since if I didnt already believe she was safe.  Besides I think the plan is with her. I was thinkingbabout all the jobs I had. I was reluctant to have them. They all lead me to a certain path. It makes sense now. Trust me when i say you will know this feeling once it occurs.

Never start something you havent prepared for.

Never start anything you havent prepared for. Something i want to do when i get back home. But I always felt you should never do anything your not prepared for. If you dont have the right equipment for the job wait till you do have it or getbup and get it. I finally have my all my equipment ready on my big project. Happy.