Hello Ladies time to wake up.

Hello Ladies time to wake up.

Just thinking about the mornings when you wake up. I wonder what makes a Woman wake up and feel se is completely ugly untill she finds make up. I think its the media. Like i’m talking to a friend she tells me she cut her hair really short since last time I seen her. I say send me a pic. she quickly says no because she is just waking up or going to sleep. I say its only a head shot. but she claims she looks to rough or too out there to take a pic. she is afraid she will look bad. Which was not true at all. she looks just fine in the morning. And some of you women who are in a relationship sometimes run off when your man is waking up. You run straight to the bathroom and come back with make up on and everything else that we clearly remember wiping off before you went to bed. lol Look if you man can’t stand the sight of you waking up find one that can. Most guys don’t care. in fact I don’t know a man who does care. Its nice though to have a lady that wants to present herself in the best light to her guy. At the same time, You don’t always need to be so high maintenance when waking up. we understand. Now I say this but it doesn’t mean you can just get carried away and not wash up and stuff in the morning. lol TAKE A BATH LADIES!! lol its okay in the morning if people see your face. I’m pretty sure you don’t look anywhere as bad as you think.


Anyone want to be held accountable for her 15 kids?

Somebody Needs to pay for all 15 kids this lady has. Apparently she has been going through it. She has 15 kids. Her husband is in jail. The state pays her rent and even for her furniture. They didnt say but aim guessing she is on Food stamps as well. But she talks about all the donations people give her. But what is so strange in this video is that she said someone needs to be held accountable for all the suffering she and her children has had to deal with. In some ways if I met this lady I would honestly try and help her. no questions asked. But if you pay attention to this story a little deeper. you start to see a woman whom you don’t want to help. Which is sad for the kids. The kids need the help more than anything. Honestly human nature pops in my head and makes me laugh a say : “Hell no lady that is your children don’t blame your problems on the state. and why did you let that guy poke all them damn kids in you? At least if you do that you should of had different daddies so you can get child support. lol” But that me just joking being stupid. But I digress. Seriously, Why does she feel the state should do more? when you have that many kids you have to accept responsibility for what you brought into the world. And it doesn’t matter if its just one the same goes for anyone bringing a child into the world. But that should have been something you considered before having that many kids. You had to know or feel a stopping point. Something had to click in your head and tell you to stop. (Off topic but I bet if she did have a nice job she would get a hell of a tax break with all those kids. lol) But her doing these things on the news doesn’t help her case at all. In the beginning It seem like another lets band together as a community and help our neighbor type video. But it ended making viewers feel that you should take care of yourself. If you want to find someone to be accountable for why your kids and you don’t have you can blame the new station that edited that video to “HELP YOU”. But if anybody knows this lady lets be neighborly and donate something for her kids. Also another thing. I hate to bring race in a conversation. but When I did read this it reminded me of another story. When a Caucasian women had about 8 children. the state wanted to remove the children. The state claimed that the women was financially unable to provide for their children. So at what point does the state say the same thing about this situation. why arent they trying to find these kids a decent home and a good financial province. Its almost like the will pay for black family to fail rather than actually move the child at least until the mother can find a reasonable job to take care of the children. You lose more money when you hate. you save more money when you care. My Opinion.