Hello Ladies time to wake up.

Hello Ladies time to wake up.

Just thinking about the mornings when you wake up. I wonder what makes a Woman wake up and feel se is completely ugly untill she finds make up. I think its the media. Like i’m talking to a friend she tells me she cut her hair really short since last time I seen her. I say send me a pic. she quickly says no because she is just waking up or going to sleep. I say its only a head shot. but she claims she looks to rough or too out there to take a pic. she is afraid she will look bad. Which was not true at all. she looks just fine in the morning. And some of you women who are in a relationship sometimes run off when your man is waking up. You run straight to the bathroom and come back with make up on and everything else that we clearly remember wiping off before you went to bed. lol Look if you man can’t stand the sight of you waking up find one that can. Most guys don’t care. in fact I don’t know a man who does care. Its nice though to have a lady that wants to present herself in the best light to her guy. At the same time, You don’t always need to be so high maintenance when waking up. we understand. Now I say this but it doesn’t mean you can just get carried away and not wash up and stuff in the morning. lol TAKE A BATH LADIES!! lol its okay in the morning if people see your face. I’m pretty sure you don’t look anywhere as bad as you think.


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