Back to schools

Going back to school. Havent been in years. Going to be taken some courses to assist my new career. Not sure if I can get back to the school life. The sitting in class, the studying, the Homework, and  trying to take a big Exam. The fact that there is so many things id rather do in life.  but I will benefit I tell myself. I will profit. I dont know if it was the past pressure from going to school or is it because im being lazy. Feels like a mixture of both. Lol Im hoing to fo this. They say if your going back you should be fully dedicated to school to want to finish it. Otherwise you will fail. Well im going to test that theory. Im not dedicated to school but im dedicayed to the results of school. I believe in the job not the way of getting it. So we will see what prevails. I will update everyone on my school adventures as they go. Right now im looking for the right facility.


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