Evan Newton’s First Blog. My Introduction and disclaimer before the chaos ensues

For my first blog I really want everyone to understand me and just know how I work. First thing first is my personal quote for my entire blog. “No matter what day your reading this remember this. Its the first day for me and the first day for you” . I say this because I want you to approach this blog with an open mind. I will share my thoughts or Ideas not always as I perceive them but how I believe others may receive them..So you will never know If im serious or not. that is up for you to decide. I welcome your opinions and thoughts no matter how cruel they may be.. I will make you laugh sometimes.  okay maybe alot. You need to have a sense of humor when reading this. Other times you will read a very passionate message from me. After all we suppose to care right? One last thing I try not to do this. But I write how I feel. So just a fair warning profanity will be in use sometimes. No one under 18 read my blog. Seriously. I don’t want people reading and writing me back complaining  about  my kid read this and now he jumped off a bridge and its your fault- type stuff. lol Cause i’m just gonna laugh.  Anyways I hope you like my blogs.