If I ever knew I was following gods plan it would be this moment

Thats a almost crazy thing to say and mean every bit of it. ” I understand gods plan for me.” its weird actually. I always tell people and mean it when I say “I dont have fears. I cant die yet I have things to do.” I feel as if he came down and told me himself. Almost like a promise. So I dont worry or have natural fears. The only thing i worry about is failing. And I have done that so many times in life already that Failing has become just another easy obstavle to overcome. Why do I have such confidence in this? It would the hundreds of times I could of kicked the bucket.  Living life a bit dangerous sometimes.  And as of recently the lady im involved with now. She makes me realize that we both have alot more life to live together. I still try to tell her to lookout more. She is a tough one but im still not cool with her outta my sight sometime. Lolj/k im not that bad. I just want her safe. But I dont I dont stress out either about it. Cause that feeling I have juat wouldnt make since if I didnt already believe she was safe.  Besides I think the plan is with her. I was thinkingbabout all the jobs I had. I was reluctant to have them. They all lead me to a certain path. It makes sense now. Trust me when i say you will know this feeling once it occurs.


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