Face your Women.

Just got a text from a friend. He says “hey if my girl is looking for me tell her I’m with you.”.This is one of the most stupid things you can do to a friend. Why can some guys not face their lady. Yeah, telling her you need to leave and cool down  a bit isn’t going to make her happy. but so what? You backing off for a bit isnt about making her happy. your doing that for you, And if your cheating dont make me apart of that you need to lie by yourself. No need for the whole ship to go down cause one idiot doesnt want to dodge that iceberg.  Be a man and handle your own. Some guys will say “hey man you need to learn to help your friend out . your not being a good friend”. I’ll surely be your wingman. anytime to help you need it. but I shouldnt need to be dishonest to help your case.. Besides never leave witnesses when you cheat. lol j/k  So be a man never ask another man to be more of  a man than you are to face your woman. Besides that man you sent probably can and has the right to take your women. MAN UP!


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