Listen People I finally understand why its a fools move to not be in School. Looking through some documents on how to start another business venture today. Reading through it showed me something. People with money don’t want you making money so they make things harder to achieve your goals. Its appalling that there is actual state laws that prevent the education and the knowledge needed to achieve your goals. They Purposely hide the information. Information that should be public is hidden. and when its not hidden the will tell you in the most confusing way to try and deter you from knowing. They will tell you to call (A) and (A) will have you Call (B). and (B) will have you call (A).   Listen they don’t want you to succeed. Its not a race thing. Its a money thing. Its a “there are laws preventing the access of knowledge needed to gain access into a certain type of business.” The way they see it is if we can create laws stopping people from learning the system then we will never have to deal with competition. If we never deal with competition then we will make all the money in this market. You can only prevent this if you get the education. Learn what you need don’t let others dictate your goals. Go to school people. LEARN LEARN LEARN- PAY ATTENTION -THINK- TRY AND NEVER EVER GIVE UP.  ITS A STRUGGLE BECAUSE WE ALLOWED IT. 


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