The worst thing you can do to someone

The worst possible thing you can ever do to someone is to simply waste there time. If your doing something foul towards someone the worst thing to do is to waste that persons time. If your intentions are not the same don’t waste my time. If you have something  important  to say and you don’t have the heart to say grow a pair really fast. You waste time I could use to spend with someone productive.  I think this is the worst possible thing to do. we have a short life and to spend it with someone who is wasting your time really takes away from life. Its kinda like a job Interview that goes no where. You show up on time, dressed to the T, paid all that gas money to get there and the guy giving the interview takes one look at you and just dismisses the interview. so even if you have all your credentials and recommendations for the position it doesn’t matter. So now you have wasted all this time and money on nothing. total waste of time. I think with this topic you can create a connection with love. Its not that you loved the person you broke up with its the fact that you spent so much time and effort on the relationship to work and it turns out to be a waste of time. Wasting time seems to be the biggest problem in the world. some one spends time learning new beliefs and ideas then another person tells them that what they have spent there time learning isn’t real or true. when ever we spend time on something it becomes apart of us and to have someone either confirm or challenge that time spent usually starts a altercation.  So listen lets not waste each others time.  Wars start this way. 


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