Leave it in the past or pay attention to the past. How do you live your life?

So by the way we are all hypocrites. I have noticed that we say things like. leave it in the past. But then next week can wear a t shirt that says “We will always remember.”.  What happened to “Leave it all in the past.”?  So do we actually need to focus on the past or the future? They say if you don’t think about the past you can concentrate on your future goal and plans. But then they tell you to pay attention and know your history so that history will not repeat itself. Someone reading this may say “well it depends on the situation.”  Well lets think about the situation. The situation comes in many shapes, forms, and ideas.  The situation in having so many different ways of coming to light, makes it impossible to live by one past or future. Situations are to unpredictable to live a life following one path only. You will have to live both. You cant just say leave it in the past and you cant just say always remember. So for you people who claim for your new years resolution that you will be concentrating only on the future and leaving your past behind I’m telling you now; you have already failed your resolution.


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