Put em in a Nursing Home or Not?

I have suddenly have one of those situations were you have to make a decision as a family. The decision that is gonna piss somebody off whether we wanted to do it or not. Well you see my grandmother has gotten to the point in which she can not take care of herself anymore. And she lives with another person in the family that is a nurse(DA). She is the best option out the family.  So taking care of my grandmother  has become a huge chore for her.  She is doing a great job. She also has a nurse that sits with her during the day to have someone here the whole time to watch her.  So she is being well taken care of.  but my issues that we as a family see is that DA is getting very old herself. and watching  and taking care of my grandmother seems to be too much for her nowadays. We assist when we can but the family living so spreadout in the country makes it hard to do as much as we can. The strain of lifting and moving my grandmother seems to be one of the biggest issues. but all the other issues  do come into play.  But I wonder would this be better in a nursing facility. My family is deciding. I agree with this. but I wonder if DA does.  If you were DA would you fel like you have given up? Would you feel that it is necessary? I havent heard from her.  I always wonder is the necessary thing to do always worth it. I hear about and read about people whom sacrifice so much on “necessary” situations.  I also question you to think about the necessary? What are you willing to change or do if you feel its necessary?  Those decision from what I experienced and seen usually cost us somewhere down the line. and for some reason it always seems to be a bad consequence.  well not all but most seem.


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