An engagement ring??


Well IM not sure If I should be worried or not. But Lately I have been noticing my Lady has been posting on her facebook alot of pictures of engagement rings. Now I honestly dont know why she has been posting so many. We been together for a year. and I asked her about it she would say my sister.has been looking at engagement rings and she needs ideas. Now I believe her and trust that is what she is doing. But sometimes I guess I wonder. Not saying I have a problem with getting engaged. But I wonder if its the right time for it and if im prepared. I do think I just worry sometimes. I catch myself worrying about the dumbest thing and tell myself to stop.  When I worry about something concerning her I talk to her about it and feel secure about the conversation I had. But my question to some of you In a couple or single, If you were in my situation would you worry?


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